Why did Garou lose his powers from God One Punch Man?

Why Did Garou Lose His Powers From God One Punch Man?

In the final crisis of the Monster Association, Garou was revealed to be defeated after losing his God-given powers. So, the revision of chapter 197 itself then reveals the reasons why this incident happened.

How could Garou experience this? Here’s the explanation!

1. Garou is known to have lost his strength after being punched by future Saitama

Why Did Garou Lose His Powers From God One Punch Man?Garou starts to lose his strength after being beaten by future Saitama (tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch-Man)

In chapter 169, Garou is known to have lost after Saitama from the future managed to return to the past and punched him with strength that had increased since the duel on the Io satellite.

As a result, Garou lost his strength so he ended up being the butt of the other heroes who were already emotional due to the treatment they received from the young man in the past.

However, in chapter 197 of the revised edition, there is another thing which turns out to be the reason why Garou’s power seems to have just disappeared.

2. It is known that the perpetrator who took Garou’s power was Empty Void

Why Did Garou Lose His Powers From God One Punch Man?Blast sees Empty Void sucking Garou’s power (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Apparently the perpetrator who sucked Garou’s power was Empty Void.

He is known to be in outer space and is using a portal hole so that all of Garou’s power is sucked into the location where the man is.

This was only realized by Blast who saw that the flow of Garou’s power seemed to be being sucked in by something.

Blast himself immediately moved to the location of the Empty Void, but he was too late because his former partner had already sucked up all of Garou’s power.

3. Thanks to Garou’s power, Empty Void is known to have managed to recover and become stronger

Why Did Garou Lose His Powers From God One Punch Man?Empty Void holds dimensions like cloth (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

And sure enough, Empty Void, which originally looked scrawny, has now managed to return to its prime form.

He even managed to cut up the laser shots that Blast fired directly.

Not only that. Empty Void also shows another ability that is beyond reason, namely direct contact with dimensional space. This means that it can grip space like a blanket.

At first glance, this case is almost similar to Saitama who used to be able to hold dimensional portals.

It’s not surprising that even though Blast attacked with full strength, Empty Void managed to handle him and even laughed at him when he ran away.

That’s the explanation why Garou lost his God-given powers.

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