Why did Jin-Woo Solo Leveling choose Dagger to fight?

Kenapa Jin-Woo Solo Leveling Pilih Dagger Untuk Bertarung?

As is known, Jin-Woo is known for his extraordinary ability to use a dagger. Interestingly, he always buys dagger weapons or gets reward prizes for this model of weapon while still tied to the player system.

Why do you think Jin-Woo always uses a dagger as his main weapon? Here’s the explanation!

1. When things are still hard, a dagger is a weapon that Jin-Woo can buy with his income

Why Did Jin-Woo Solo Leveling Choose Dagger To Fight?Jin-Woo holding a dagger (Doc. Aniplex / PV Solo Leveling)

This is clearly revealed in the first episode of the anime.

When entering the dungeon with Lee Joohee, Jin-Woo said that the dagger he was carrying was the only weapon he could buy with his income as an E-rank hunter.

This is not surprising considering that Jin-Woo cannot set aside money to buy good equipment because he has to support his mother and sister.

2. Jin-Woo’s own skills are more suitable for use with dagger weapons

Why Did Jin-Woo Solo Leveling Choose Dagger To Fight?Jin-Woo sword fights with Baran (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

When he gets the player system, Jin-Woo always gets new skills that he gets in every battle.

Well, all the skills he got earlier are mostly suitable for use with dagger weapons.

For example, Mutilation which allows Jin-Woo to target the enemy’s vital points and deliver critical attacks and Dagger Rush which allows him to release consecutive attacks.

Therefore, if Jin-Woo gets weapons outside of this type, he will usually give them to his subordinates such as the Devil King’s Long Sword for Igris and the Orb of Avarice for Tusk.

3. Sung Jin-Woo likes daggers because he was influenced by his father’s footsteps

Why Did Jin-Woo Solo Leveling Choose Dagger To Fight?Sung Il-Hwan uses a dagger when fighting the Monarchs (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

Apart from skill compatibility, the reason Jin-Woo uses a dagger is because he admires his father who is a hunter.

You could say, the dagger is the only object that makes Jin-Woo feel connected to his father even though he was separated for a long time.

Apart from these factors, there is a possibility that Jin-Woo’s talent for using daggers himself was inherited from his father.

That is the theoretical explanation for why Jin-Woo chose dagger to fight as a hunter.

What do you think?

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