Why did Lee Joohee retire as a Solo Leveling Hunter?

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In the latest episode, Joohee tells Jin-Woo that she will quit her hunter job. So, the question is why he resigned from this prestigious profession in the series Solo Leveling.

Why did Lee Joohee stop being a hunter? Here’s the answer!

1. Revealed in episode 10

Why Did Lee Joohee Retire As A Solo Leveling Hunter?Lee Joohee remembers the moment of their first meeting (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

The incident itself happened not long after the Kang Taeshik incident ended.

At that time, Jin-Woo was accompanying Joohee on a walk. There, they had a chance to chat about the changes the young man had experienced since the Double Dungeon incident.

Right at that moment, Joohee told Jin-Woo that she wanted to quit her current profession.

2. Lee Joohee herself admits that she is timid to the point that she often takes low ranking missions

Why Did Lee Joohee Retire As A Solo Leveling Hunter?Lee Joohee, a healer who really cares about Jinwoo (Doc. Crunchyroll Collection / Solo Leveling)

During a conversation with Jin-Woo, Lee Joohee openly admitted that he was a coward.

Even though she was blessed with B rank healer skills, Lee Joohee never took tests or missions in dungeons at the appropriate rank because she knew the risk of death there tended to be very high.

Therefore, Joohee preferred to take missions with a lower level of danger such as D or E so that she always met Jin-Woo.

3. The girl also said that she couldn’t change her cowardly self

Why Did Lee Joohee Retire As A Solo Leveling Hunter?Lee Joohee gave her crystal to Jin-Woo (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Apart from being a coward, the girl also admitted that she could not change her nature.

Unlike Jin-Woo, who has become much braver since reviving in the Double Dungeon, Joohee cannot fully recover from her trauma and continues to be swallowed by her own fear.

Therefore, Joohee considered herself a failure to change into a better hunter so she decided to resign and return to her hometown.

Even though it is known that he has withdrawn, Joohee is known to still have participated in the Jeju Island incident when all hunters were ordered to be on standby for the possibility of a dungeon break.

That is the explanation why Lee Joohee withdrew from the hunter profession.

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