Why did Naruto choose Hinata as his girlfriend? This is the complete reason

Kenapa Naruto Memilih Hinata Jadi Kekasihnya? Ini Alasan Lengkapnya

Hinata is the official partner of the character Naruto Uzumaki, the main character in the very popular anime and manga series, Naruto.

The pairing of Naruto and Hinata was planned by Kishimoto from the start, but why did Naruto choose Hinata?

This is the reason why Naruto chooses Hinata and becomes his official partner at the end of the story.

1. Initially, Naruto was never aware of Hinata’s feelings, even though he had expressed them directly

Why Did Naruto Choose Hinata As His Girlfriend?  This Is The Complete Reasoncrunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

Hinata has liked Naruto since childhood, but Naruto has the characteristics of a series main character Shonen.

That characteristic is that they are too innocent (you could say stupid) to realize something called “love”, they have difficulty realizing that, including Naruto.

Because of this, at first Naruto never realized that Hinata liked him, even though Hinata had expressed it directly when fighting Pain.

2. Naruto only realized that Hinata actually liked him when he came to the Moon and was trapped Genjutsu

Why Did Naruto Choose Hinata As His Girlfriend?  This Is The Complete ReasonPierrot Studios

In Naruto The LastNaruto is a little older so he has begun to understand what love is.

But he didn’t really realize it until the two of them were finally trapped in the ball Genjutsu when entering the Moon.

There Naruto saw his memories with Hinata again and remembered everything Hinata had done. Specifically, Naruto realized when he saw little Hinata writing down Naruto’s name as the person he wanted to spend time with if the world was destroyed.

Naruto was starting to wonder if Hinata actually liked him. He also remembered the red scarf that Hinata had made. Since this moment, Naruto has not used his mother’s scarf anymore to respect Hinata’s feelings.

3. After realizing that Hinata had always supported him and still liked him to this day, Naruto reciprocated his feelings

Why Did Naruto Choose Hinata As His Girlfriend?  This Is The Complete Reasonnaruto.fandom.com

After Naruto realized that Hinata had been very supportive of him and had liked him from the very beginning, Naruto returned Hinata’s feelings.

Of course, here Naruto realizes that Hinata already liked him when he was nothing. This is different from other admirers who only liked Naruto after he became a world hero.

Naruto was the first to express his love for Hinata. This surprised Hinata, but unfortunately at that time there was a situation with Toneri and Hanabi, so Hinata had to reject Naruto.

However, after all the conflicts with Toneri were over, Naruto and Hinata officially became lovers.

4. Their relationship was serious until they got married and currently have two biological children

Why Did Naruto Choose Hinata As His Girlfriend?  This Is The Complete ReasonUzumaki family photo from opening 9 Boruto. Dock. Pierrot

The relationship between the two was very serious and developed relatively quickly because several years after the incident in The Lastthey are married.

Naruto and Hinata have a fairly harmonious family relationship until finally Naruto can realize his dream of becoming Hokage and Hinata continues to support him.

Currently, Naruto and Hinata have two biological children, namely Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki, with one adopted child, Kawaki.

That’s the reason why Naruto chose Hinata. So the two of them are a really good couple in this series, huh. What do you think?

Article first published on December 12, 2021, re-released on March 21, 2024.

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