Why Did the Rulers Kill Absolute Being Solo Leveling?

Kenapa Para Ruler Membunuh Absolute Being Solo Leveling?

Absolute Being was originally known as the creator of the world of monsters and the two strongest ancient races, the Ruler and the Monarch. However, he ends up tragically at the hands of his own creations who in fact represent goodness.

Why did the Rulers kill Absolute Being? Here’s the explanation!

1. The conflict between Monarch and Ruler started when they were born

Why Did The Rulers Kill Absolute Being Solo Leveling?Monarch and Ruler Feud (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

The Ruler and Monarch conflict has been going on for a long time since they were created by Absolute Being.

The reason itself is simple, each of them just follows their instincts based on the elements that are the basic ingredients for their creation.

The Rulers made of light want to protect the world, while the Monarchs who come from darkness want to destroy everything.

Because of these differences in interests, the two races finally clashed with each other.

2. But when the Rulers asked for help, Absolute Being gave no answer

Why Did The Rulers Kill Absolute Being Solo Leveling?Absolute Being, the god who created Monarch and Ruler (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

Tired of endless war, the Rulers had begged Absolute Being to help them.

Unfortunately, let alone help, Absolute Being remained stone-faced even though his subordinates begged him.

As a result, the Rulers were forced to fight again without more support from their creator.

3. It is revealed that Absolute Being deliberately did not help because he thought the war was entertainment

Why Did The Rulers Kill Absolute Being Solo Leveling?Ashborn against Baran and Rakan (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

This was realized by one of the Rulers named The Brightest Fragment of Brilliant Light.

After tiring of asking for help over and over again, the Ruler began to realize one thing. It turns out that Absolute Being only wanted to make the war that occurred as entertainment.

Therefore, he deliberately did not help Ruler so that the war would not end quickly.

4. Angered by this fact, the Rulers rebelled and succeeded in killing Absolute Being

Why Did The Rulers Kill Absolute Being Solo Leveling?Absolute Being killed (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

And sure enough, the Rulers who were fed up immediately launched a rebellion against their own master.

Ashborn himself was the only one who opposed the coup. However, he was immediately defeated by his own colleague.

After that, the Rulers went straight to Absolute Being’s throne and killed him. Thus, the ruler’s tyranny ended.

The Rulers then immediately used artifacts containing the power of Absolute Being to reverse the war situation. However, Ashborn’s presence as Shadow Monarch made the battle return to a draw.

That is the explanation why Absolute Being was killed by the Rulers.

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