Why is JJK’s Cursed Speech Only Used on Sukuna Now?

Kenapa Cursed Speech JJK Baru Dipakai ke Sukuna Sekarang?

Technique Cursed Speech is known to be very great because it can make the target experience things according to what the user says. Now, the question is why is this Inumaki technique only used now?

Here’s the explanation!

1. Inumaki was only shown using his technique in chapter 262-2

Inumaki vomits blood - Jujutsu KaisenInumaki vomits blood (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Inumaki himself is among the ranks of wizards who fought against Sukuna.

However, he himself did not enter the front lines. The young man was only shown in chapter 262-2 when Yuta fought against Sukuna with Gojo’s body.

Thanks to the Cursed Speech technique, Sukuna’s movement was temporarily stopped so that Yuta could launch Hollow Purple right at the cursed king.

2. The witches want to wait until the curse king weakens?

Sukuna manages to hit Yuta - Jujutsu KaisenSukuna managed to hit Yuta (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

If the Cursed Speech technique could stop Sukuna’s movements, why wasn’t it used during the previous fight?

The answer lies in Sukuna’s condition, he is considered a tough fighter who cannot be taken down even when bombarded with powerful attacks.

In other words, Sukuna’s level is certainly above Inumaki’s so Cursed Speech won’t be of much use if the cursed king is still strong.

Well, at this time, Sukuna’s condition is said to have worsened, where his heart is damaged, and both of his arms are severed. This moment can only be said to be the right time to launch the Cursed Speech.

3. The wizards already knew Sukuna could copy someone’s tricks at a glance so they wanted to avoid the risk of copying the cursed technique?

Inumaki's voice recording - Jujutsu KaisenInumaki’s voice recording (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sukuna himself is known to be able to imitate someone’s technique as long as he understands the mechanism of how cursed energy works. An example is Gojo’s trick of restoring part of his brain so that his Domain Expansion can be used continuously and Mahoraga’s adaptation pattern.

The wizards seemed to be aware of this so they didn’t want a scenario where Sukuna copied one or two more techniques, giving him even more of an upper hand.

One of them is of course Cursed Speech. If Sukuna understands its principles, he could develop a new attack after seeing how Inumaki uses his power.

4. Inumaki’s own safety is of great concern so he is not allowed to fight directly.

Jujutsu Kaisen 6Doc. Mappa Studio

Inumaki can be said to be one of the important keys in Sukuna’s resistance plan.

In order to secure their trump card, the wizards even created a voice recorder trick so that Inumaki would no longer have to go directly to the battlefield.

That way, the risk of being fatally attacked by Sukuna can be drastically reduced so that Inumaki only has to do his role. It seems that the wizards have learned that since losing Higuruma.

That is the theoretical explanation of why Inumaki’s technique is only being used now.

What do you think?

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