Why is Snake Aoda so loyal to Sasuke? This is the Reason!

Why Is Snake Aoda So Loyal To Sasuke? This Is The Reason! Aoda Ular

Why is Aoda loyal to Sasuke in Naruto until Boruto?

What’s the problem? Maybe most of you haven’t noticed, but most of the snakes in Ryuchi cave have different personalities from Aoda, Sasuke’s Kuchiyose snake.

Aoda is described as very loyal and obedient to all orders from Sasuke. When it appears in Boruto Of course, Aoda is ready to help Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada, when she fights Garaga. On the other hand, almost all the snakes in Ryuchi Cave have cunning, evil personalities and generally dislike humans.

What’s the situation?

1. The characteristics of Ryuchi snakes are usually problematic

Why Is Snake Aoda So Loyal To Sasuke?  This Is The Reason!crunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Let’s take the example of Manda. Orochimaru’s snake really hates humans, in fact he also hated Orochimaru until the end of his life.

When he remained loyal to Orochimaru, it wasn’t actually loyalty, but rather fear because Orochimaru was the first human that Manda couldn’t kill, while he always killed his previous human partners when he wanted to make a contract with Manda.

Manda died carrying great hatred towards humans, especially Sasuke, because Sasuke made him die by calling him when Deidara blew himself up, so he used Manda as a living shield.

On the other hand, the white snake ascetic and Garaga in Boruto also show their dislike for humans, and it doesn’t even matter if children like Boruto die.

Garaga does have a bitter past story, so is the white snake ascetic still unknown, or is it just that he is cunning and evil?

2. So why is Aoda loyal?

Why Is Snake Aoda So Loyal To Sasuke?  This Is The Reason!crunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Back to the topic, how is Aoda loyal to Sasuke and becomes a snake with a different personality from the others, even though Manda, the leader of the snakes in Ryuchi, died because of Sasuke?

Manda is an evil snake, even exceeding the evil standards of Orochimaru and other snakes, because he always asks for sacrifices. Maybe Aoda actually felt grateful because the evil leader could be removed.

On the other hand, Aoda’s trust and loyalty are indeed on a different level, which is probably close to Naruto and Kurama’s relationship.

Maybe before they made a contract, Sasuke and Aoda often spent a very long time talking, until finally Aoda wanted to contract with Sasuke.

3. Theories about why Aoda is loyal

Why Is Snake Aoda So Loyal To Sasuke?  This Is The Reason!crunchyroll.com/Boruto Naruto Next Generations

According to the author himself, if he forced Aoda into a contract, it would be impossible for him to be very loyal.

The possibility is that Aoda became more loyal because he became Sasuke’s chat partner during his travels. You know how Aoda said that Sasuke often told Aoda about Sarada.

This is interesting if true, because the quiet Sasuke can chat freely with Kuchiyose his trust.

Another factor to consider is that there are indeed good snakes in Ryuchi. We know that Garaga was once very loyal to his master before being betrayed.

It is possible that Aoda was kind from the start, and so far he has not been betrayed like Garaga was. So he had no reason to be cruel and brutal.

This is certainly interesting. Sasuke was now too strong that he didn’t need it Kuchiyose Again. So, since Aoda is loyal to Sasuke and Sarada, he might even be passed on to Sarada later.

So, in your opinion, why is Aoda loyal to Sasuke? Please write your opinion in the comments column, OK?

Article first published on November 7, 2021, re-released on March 21, 2024.

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