Why is Wind Breaker compared to Tokyo Revengers?

Kenapa Wind Breaker Dibandingkan Dengan Tokyo Revengers?

Wind Breakers is one of the series shounen Spring 2024, the broadcast of which has been eagerly awaited by anime fans. This series presented by Studio CloverWorks is adapted from a web manga with the same title written and illustrated directly by Satoru Nii.

Manga Wind Breakers first released on January 13 2021 via the website Magazine Pocket owned by Kodansha. Manga that is still in status on going This has now been collected in 16 volumes.

After the broadcast of the first episode on April 5, there were various responses from fans. Not a few of them equate this newcomer anime with Tokyo Revengers Ken Warui’s work, which was first released in April 2021.

The reason why Wind Breakers compared with Tokyo Revengers seems closely related to the themes covered in both series. Check out the following discussion for complete information, come on!

1. Synopsis Wind Breakers

Why Is Wind Breaker Compared To Tokyo Revengers?dock. CloverWorks/Wind Breaker

Before exploring the points that make Wind Breakers often paired with Tokyo Revengers, It is very important to know in detail what kind of plot is actually offered in this anime.

Wind Breakers tells the story of Haruka Sakura, a male student who only shows interest in the strongest among the strong and tends to ignore weak people.

For this obsession, Haruka decides to transfer to Furin High School, a school known for its delinquent students who often get involved in brawls. The goal is clear, namely to reach the top as the strongest person among them.

However, when he arrived in Furin City, the situation there was the opposite of what Haruka had imagined. He, who previously received ridicule because of his appearance and fighting habits, was actually well received there.

What really happened?

2. Wind Breakers And Tokyo Revengers both carry a theme delinquents which is full of action

Why Is Wind Breaker Compared To Tokyo Revengers?dock. Lidens Films/Tokyo Revengers

So what Wind Breakers compared with Tokyo Revengers? The reason is because these two series carry the same theme, namely delinquents And school.

As fans know, Tokyo Revengers has been known as one of the anime shounen the most popular of this century which introduces the characters of delinquent students who are often involved in battles between groups.

As well as Tokyo Revengers, Wind Breaker also highlights a similar plot. In the first episode alone, fans were immediately shown the cool actions of the protagonist Haruka Sakura in fighting thugs who were disrupting the peace of Furin City.

Not only in terms of theme and plot, the visual depiction style of each character also doesn’t feel much different. In my personal opinion, Wind Breakers just customize the theme delinquents aka the delinquent he appointed.

In Japanese, the existence of teenagers like that is known as yanki. The term has been around since the 1970s. Usually, yanki refers to delinquents who join motorcycle gangs and have a distinctive appearance such as dyed hair.

3. Difference Wind Breakers with Tokyo Revengers

Why Is Wind Breaker Compared To Tokyo Revengers?dock. CloverWorks/Wind Breaker

Despite the response, some fans compared and even thought that Wind Breakers And Tokyo Revengers similar, in fact there are several most prominent points that clearly show the differences between the two series shounen the.

The first point of course comes from the genre being carried. In contrast to theme, genre refers more to the grouping or categorization applied to a work based on certain criteria.

In manga and anime, several genres that are familiar to fans are action, fantasy, romance, until adventure or adventure. Now, Wind Breakers And Tokyo Revengers in fact they have different genre categories.

Wind Breakers only focuses on the action genre. This is different from Tokyo Revengers which is spiced with fantasy elements in the story, specifically the supernatural ability possessed by the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki, namely time travel, aka time travel.

Apart from the genre aspect, the plot offered as a whole also proves to be different. This also represents the characteristics of each character and the ideology they adhere to.

In series Wind Breakers, Haruka and the other main characters who attend Furin High School both move like city heroes. They were involved in a fight with thugs who came and tried to disrupt the security of Furin City.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Revengers really just focuses on the gang fights. Takemichi, who is the main character, will try to change the bad fate that will happen in the future by utilizing his strength.

That way, plot Tokyo Revengers it might seem much ‘heavier’ in comparison Wind Breakers. The reason is, Tokyo Revengers presents an alternate timeline regarding its protagonist’s obsessions.

In this case, anime Wind Breakers will prioritize animation at a different level, supported by a series of battle scenes full of tension. Moreover, the anime studio is working on it Wind Breakers, Namely, CloverWorks is already known for it style-her breasts felt smooth.

Well, those are some of the reasons why Wind Breakers compared with Tokyo Revengers. This is of course just an initial response or assessment, remember Wind Breakers it was only released some time ago.

Even so, fine Wind Breakers nor Tokyo Revengers, both are quality anime that are equally worthy of appreciation.

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