Why was Solo Leveling Episode 8 delayed? Check new date and time

Why Was Solo Leveling Episode 8 Delayed? Check New Date And Time Solo Leveling Diferencas.webp

After an episode 7 that left everyone on the edge of their seats, those who enjoy Solo Leveling will need to hold back their anticipation for a while longer. Inspired by Chugong’s webcomic of the same name, Solo Leveling has become a huge hit among anime series. Launched in January, it has already won over a lot of fans. Before the next episode arrives, here’s a look at what you need to know:

When will Solo Leveling episode 8 come out?

Well, everyone will have to wait a little longer, because episode 8 will only be released at the end of the month. Write it down: Sunday, March 2nd, at 2:30 pm, Brasília time, on Crunchyroll.

Why is episode 8 of Solo Leveling delayed? The delay happened because Aniplex decided to release a special recap episode on Saturday, February 24th. Aniplex has this habit of releasing recaps in the middle of the season, as we’ve seen in other famous animes, like Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

Another reason for the delay is that voice actor Taito Ban, the voice of Jinwoo, caught the coronavirus. He announced on February 13th, via X (the one that was Twitter), that he had tested positive. “I’m going to take care of myself and focus on my health so I can come back with everything. Sorry for any inconvenience or concern we cause for those who follow us and everyone who works with us”, he said.

What will happen in episode 8 of Solo Leveling? The episode will cover chapters 28 to 34 of the webcomic. So, we should see the C-rank hunter, Song Chi-Yul, and the B-rank healer, Lee Joohee, facing a D-rank dungeon with Jin-Woo, the protagonist of the story, who will probably embark on more an epic adventure.

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