Why would a Naruto part 3 have been better than Boruto? We explain

Ah, the nostalgia and the challenge of continuing a story loved by so many… Who doesn’t remember the feeling of seeing the end of a favorite series and thinking “What now?” This is where the idea of ​​a sequel comes in: difficult territory, full of cliché traps and high expectations.

The mission? Build something new while maintaining the charm of the original. It’s an art that few master. Do you remember how successful the transition from “Dragon Ball” to “Dragon Ball Z” was? An example of how to do it right. Now, let’s talk about “Boruto” and how a “Naruto Part 3” could have been a more interesting path.

“Boruto” and Its Challenges

“Boruto” had everything to be incredible, right? The continuation of “Naruto”, one of the most successful franchises. But here it is: in “Boruto”, the context is different. The story begins in an era of peace, far from the constant tension that Naruto faced. Boruto’s drama? His father, the Hokage, is always busy. Compared to Naruto’s challenges, this seems… kind of weak, doesn’t it?

In continuation series, the idea of ​​focusing on the main characters’ children is common. Like “Dragon Ball Z“, which did this brilliantly with Gohan. This approach has potential, but also its dangers. In “Boruto”, this choice does not seem to have had the same impact. Naruto was the guy everyone was rooting for, the eternal underdog dreaming of being Hokage. In “Boruto”, this feeling of support for the protagonist is somewhat overshadowed.

Boruto is talented and leads a relatively peaceful life. The problem is that, without real risks, the series takes a while to create that “something big is coming” atmosphere. In “Naruto,” the danger and excitement were constant, but in “Boruto,” they feel more like a late addition than an essential part of the story.

“Naruto Part 3”: A Chance for Redemption?

This is where the idea of ​​“Naruto Part 3” comes in. Imagine if, instead of going straight to “Boruto”, we had a direct sequel to “Naruto”. A series that maintained Naruto’s protagonism, while introducing new elements, including his son Boruto.

Look at “Dragon Ball Z”: despite Gohan having a central role, Goku was still there, maintaining the essence of the series. This helped the transition and made fans more accepting of the new stories. A “Naruto Part 3” could do something similar. Keep Naruto at the center as we explore Boruto’s growth. This would provide a more solid foundation for the development of the new character, without losing the connection with what fans already loved.

The idea would be to see Boruto grow up in a world still influenced by Naruto’s achievements, instead of throwing him directly into the role of protagonist. This way, viewers would have time to connect with him, understand his motivations, and see the evolution of his relationship with his father.

Ultimately, a “Naruto Part 3” would have the chance to maintain the legacy and at the same time bring something new. A way to respect the past and embrace the future, something that “Boruto” still seeks to find its way to do. After all, it’s not just fights and powers that a good anime story is made of, but also characters we care about and stories that resonate with us. And you, what do you think would have been better: “Boruto” as it is or “Naruto Part 3”?

Naruto and Boruto can be seen on Crunchyroll.

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