X-Men ’97 Final Trailer

X-Men '97 Final Trailer X Men 97 Trailer Final Screenshot

A Marvel started showing this “final” trailer for X-Men ’97the series that will premiere on March 20th on Disney+.

X-Men ’97 will continue the story of the iconic 1997 series, revisiting not only the characters but also the cast of X-Men characters at the time.

In X-Men ’97, Storm and Wolverine attempt to continue the X-Men with enemy-turned-ally Magneto (Matthew Waterson, replacing the late David Hemblen) in the absence of Professor Charles Xavier. Meanwhile, mutant-obsessed mad scientist Mister Sinister (Christopher Britton) attempts to wipe out the X-Men once and for all.

We have the return of the original voices of X-Men: The Animated Series with Cal Dodd like Wolverine, Lenore Zann like Rogue, George Buza like Beast, Alison Sealy-Smith like Storm, etc…

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