YaBoyRoshi Madoka Magica Full Reaction

Yaboyroshi Madoka Magica Full Reaction Yaboyroshi Madoka Magica Full Reaction

Madoka Magica is a dark fantasy anime series that subverts the magical girl genre. It follows the lives of five girls who make contracts with a mysterious creature named Kyubey, who grants them one wish in exchange for becoming magical girls and fighting witches. YaBoyRoshi has reacted to the entire series, as well as the movie sequel, Madoka Magica Rebellion. His reactions are full of excitement, shock, and awe, as he witnesses the twists and turns of the plot, the struggles and sacrifices of the characters, and the stunning visuals and music of the anime. He also shares his thoughts and theories on the themes, symbolism, and messages of the anime in his videos. You can watch his reaction to the eleventh episode of Madoka Magica here. If you love his content, you can also support him on Patreon or check out his merchandise.

Episode Link
Ep 1 Vidyard
Ep 2 Vidyard
Ep 3 Vidyard
Ep 4 Vidyard
Ep 5 Streamable
Ep 6 Vidyard
Ep 7 Vidyard
Ep 8 Vidyard
Ep 9 Vidyard
Ep 10 Vidyard
Ep 11 Vidyard
Ep 12 Vidyard
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