YaBoyRoshi Summertime Rendering Full Reaction

Yaboyroshi Summertime Rendering Full Reaction Yaboyroshi Summertime Rendering Full Reaction

Summertime Rendering is a mystery horror anime series based on a webcomic by Yasuki Tanaka. It follows the story of Shinpei Ajiro, who returns to his hometown for his childhood friend’s funeral, only to discover a series of strange events and secrets involving the island and its inhabitants. YaBoyRoshi has reacted to all 16 episodes of Summertime Rendering, and has shown his curiosity, confusion, and fear as he tries to unravel the mystery along with the protagonist. His reactions are funny, suspenseful, and captivating. He also comments on the animation, the music, and the voice acting of the anime in his videos. You can watch his reaction to the first episode of Summertime Rendering here. If you are a fan of his content, you can also support him on Patreon or check out his merchandise.

Episode Link
Ep 1 Vidyard
Ep 2 Vidyard
Ep 3 Vidyard
Ep 4 Vidyard
Ep 5 Vidyard
Ep 6 Vidyard
Ep 7 Vidyard
Ep 8 Vidyard
Ep 9 Vidyard
Ep 10 Vidyard
Ep 11 Vidyard
Ep 12 Vidyard
Ep 13 Vidyard
Ep 14 Vidyard
Ep 15 Vidyard
Ep 16 Vidyard
Ep 17 Vidyard
Ep 18 Vidyard
Ep 19 Vidyard
Ep 20 Vidyard
Ep 21 Vidyard
Ep 22 Vidyard
Ep 23 Vidyard
Ep 24 Vidyard
Ep 25 Vidyard
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