Anime film My Oni Girl already has a release date on Netflix

Anime Film My Oni Girl Already Has A Release Date On Netflix My Oni Girl Pv Screenshot

With this trailer, Netflix revealed that the anime film My Oni Girl (Suki Demo Kirai na Amanojaku) will premiere on that streaming platform on May 24, 2024. Below you can see a promotional image.

With animation by Studio Colorido (A Whisker Away, Penguin Highway), the direction is Tomotaka Shibayama (A Whisker Away), the script is by Yūko Kakihara (2022 Urusei Yatsura, Digimon Adventure tri., Heaven’s Lost Property) and the character design is by Masafumi Yokota (A Whisker Away, Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boys) with assistance from Sunao Chikaoka (Wake Up, Girls!, Abnormal Physiology Seminar). Music is the responsibility of Kubota Mine (A Whisker Away, Kaleido Star, Macross Delta).

  • Main color artist: Miho Tanaka
  • Art Direction: Kunihiko Inaba
  • CG direction: Tsukasa Saito
  • Cinematography Composition Direction: Kei Machida
  • Editing: Ryota Kinami
  • Sound Director: Eriko Kimura
  • Distribution: Twin Engine, Giggly Box
  • Planning: Twin Engine

In the cast we have:

  • Kenshō Ono as Hiiragi Yatsuse
  • Miyu Tomita like Tsumugi.

After Netflix stream the movie A Whisker Away from Studio Colorido in 2020, the two companies announced a multi-year film co-production agreement for three anime films in 2022. The first film was Drifting Home in 2022, and Studio Colorido announced the deal with a teaser of what would become My Oni Girl.

Synopsis of My Oni Girl

Wanting to get along with others and not be disliked, first-year high school student Hiiragi finds himself unable to say no whenever someone asks him for something.

One summer day, while fulfilling another unsuccessful request, he encounters an oni girl named Tsumugi, who came to the human world looking for her mother.

She does what she wants and is the opposite of Hiiragi.

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