Mono manga anime series announced

Mono Manga Anime Series Announced Mono Anime 1St Visual 2

It was announced today on an official website that an anime series adaptation of the manga is in production. mono in Afro (Laid-Back Camp). In addition to the promotional image, you can see a 360º video with the advertisement below.

With animation by the studio Soignethe direction is Ryota Aikei (assistant director of Jujutsu Kaisen), the argument is Yoko Yonaiyama (A Sign of Affection) and the character design is by Takuya Miyahara. Production is the responsibility of Aniplex.

mono It began to be published in Manga Time Kirara Carat in 2017 and its 4th volume will be released on April 25, 2024.

Below you can see an illustration of Afro celebrating the announcement of the anime.

The manga mono follows a group of high school girls who are part of the “cinephoto” club, which combines cinema and photography.

They go to different locations and use different filming techniques, such as panoramic cameras and pseudo-drones with attached cameras, to capture the landscapes of Kofu city, Yamanashi province and their daily lives.

Afro released the manga Laid-Back Camp in Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine in 2015, and the work later moved to Comic Fuz in 2019.

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