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Yuru Camp△
Yuru Camp△

Yuru Camp△

A heartwarming anime about solo camping near Mount Fuji. Discover tranquility, friendship, and cozy adventures in the great outdoors.

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Yuru Camp△
Original Titleゆるキャン△
Formats Streaming
Duration24 mins
Release DateJanuary 4, 2018
End DateMarch 22, 2018
FormatTV Series

Rin likes to go camping by herself along the lakes that provide a scenic view of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko loves to take cycling trips by herself to places where she can see Mt. Fuji. After they meet, Rin and Nadeshiko take camping trips, eat cup ramen together, and enjoy the scenery.

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Editor's Review
Yuru Camp△

Yuru Camp△: A Cozy Adventure in the Great Outdoors

Yuru Camp△, also known as Laid-Back Camp, is a delightful anime that invites viewers to experience the joy of camping. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Mount Fuji, this series combines relaxation, friendship, and the great outdoors in a heartwarming package.

The Premise

The story revolves around Rin Shima, a high school girl who finds solace in solo camping. Rather than fancy vacations or bustling city life, Rin seeks tranquility by pitching her tent at the base of Mount Fuji. Her love for camping takes her on various adventures, and along the way, she encounters other like-minded individuals who share her passion.

What Makes Yuru Camp Special?

  1. Authenticity: Yuru Camp isn’t your typical “cute girls doing cute things” anime. It goes beyond that. The series captures the essence of camping—the crackling campfire, the star-studded night sky, and the simple pleasure of sipping hot cocoa in the wilderness. It’s about finding joy in the little things.
  2. Character Dynamics: Rin’s introverted nature contrasts beautifully with the lively Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who stumbles upon Rin during a solo camping trip. Their friendship blossoms as they explore the outdoors together. The camaraderie among the characters feels genuine and heartwarming.
  3. Scenic Beauty: The animation beautifully portrays the natural landscapes. Whether it’s the serene lakeside or the snow-capped mountains, Yuru Camp captures the beauty of Japan’s outdoors. The Mt. Fuji scenes are particularly breathtaking.
  4. Food Porn: Yes, you read that right! Yuru Camp showcases mouthwatering campfire meals. From grilled fish to steaming hot ramen, the food looks so delicious that you’ll want to pack your bags and head to the nearest campsite.

Tips for Enjoying Yuru Camp

  1. Relax and Unwind: Yuru Camp encourages viewers to slow down and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. It’s like a warm hug after a long day.
  2. Learn Camping Tips: The anime subtly teaches camping essentials. You’ll pick up tips on setting up tents, cooking outdoors, and staying warm during chilly nights.
  3. Feel the Seasons: Yuru Camp spans all seasons, from cherry blossoms in spring to snowy landscapes in winter. Each season brings a unique charm to the camping experience.
  4. Soundtrack: Pay attention to the soothing soundtrack—it complements the serene atmosphere perfectly.

In summary, Yuru Camp△ is a gem that reminds us to appreciate nature, cherish friendships, and find joy in simplicity. So grab your virtual marshmallow stick, cozy up, and immerse yourself in this laid-back adventure.