New trailer for the Sorairo Utility anime series

New Trailer For The Sorairo Utility Anime Series Sorairo Utility Anime Pv Screenshot 2

You can see a new trailer for the anime series above. Sorairo Utility (Sky Blue Utility) from Yostar Pictures and from Pony Canyon. The anime special that inspired the anime series premiered in December 2021.

The animation is from the studio Yostar Picturesthe direction is Kengo Saitō (animation direction by Kiznaiver, Little Witch Academia, SSSS.Dynazenon), the script is Yū Satō (The Legendary Hero is Dead!, Kotaro Lives Alone) and the character design is by Akira Amemiya (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Kill la Kill, Ninja Slayer From Animation).

In the cast we have:

Synopsis of Sorairo Utility

Sorairo Utility follows the adventures of three high school students – Minami, Haruka and Ayaka – as they head to the course and practice golf together. Minami is a beginner when it comes to the game, so Haruka and Ayaka try to teach her.

A Yostar founded the animation studio Yostar Pictures in early 2020. Yostar CEO, Hengda Liis the representative director of Yostar Pictures. A Archa Tokyo-based company that helped produce the anime film Promareparticipated in the creation of the studio and is managing the studio.

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