Season 2 of The Peasant Noble announced

Season 2 Of The Peasant Noble Announced The Peasant Noble Anime Visual 2

The official website for the anime series adaptation of the autobiographical manga The Peasant Noble (Hyakushō Kizoku) by Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist, Silver Spoon) announced that a second season is in production. No further details were revealed.

The first season premiered on July 7, 2023, the animation is the responsibility of the studio Pie in the skythe direction and story is by Yūtarō Sawada (Inui-san!) and the character design is by Aayne Matsumoto (Gunma-chan).

In the cast we have:

The manga continues Arakawa as she worked as a farmer in Hokkaido for seven years before becoming a manga creator. The experience ended up inspiring her work on her manga Silver Spoonwhich follows students at an agricultural school.

Arakawa launched Hyakushō Kizoku (The Peasant Noble) in the magazine Unpoko from Shinshokan in 2006, moving in 2009 to Wings of Shinshokan. Arakawa continues to serialize the manga irregularly and Shinshokan published the manga’s 7th volume in October 2021.

The Peasant Noble Cover 1

Arakawa released the manga Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) in 2011 and finished the work in November 2019. The manga inspired an anime series with two seasons in 2013 and 2014, as well as a live-action film in 2014. In 2012 Silver Spoon (Gin no Saji) won the 5th edition of the Manga Taisho Awards (Cartoon Grand Prize).

Now your manga Fullmetal Alchemist It began to be published in Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine in July 2001 and ended in June 2010. The publisher compiled the work into a total of 27 volumes. The manga is one of the best sellers worldwide with more than 70 million copies in circulation. The manga was adapted into two anime series, the first in 2003 titled Fullmetal Alchemist and the second in 2009 entitled Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

In addition, two anime films and one live-action film were released in 2005, 2011 and 2017, respectively.

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