Trailer for BL anime series Tadaima, Okaeri shows ending theme

Trailer For Bl Anime Series Tadaima, Okaeri Shows Ending Theme Anime Tadaima Okaeri Pv 2 Screenshot

Scheduled to premiere on April 8, the official website for the anime series adaptation of the BL manga Tadaima, Okaeri (I’m Home, Welcome Back) by Ichi Ichikawa started showing this new trailer where we can hear the ending theme “Tsunagiai” (Connection) by Takayoshi tanimoto. Below you can see a new promotional image.

The animation is from Studio Deenthe direction is Shinji Ishihira (Sasaki and Miyano, Super Lovers, Fairy Tail), the argument is Yoshiko Nakamura (Super Lovers, Sasaki and Miyano) and the character design is by Mina Ōsawa (School Babysitters, Given, I★CHU: Halfway Through The Idol).

  • Assistant Director: Juria Matsumura
  • Art Direction: Masaki Mayuzumi
  • Main color artist: Yui Azumi
  • Photography composition direction: Shinyo Kondo
  • Editing: Keiko Onodera
  • Sound Director: Shōji Hata
  • Sound Effects: Noriko Izumo
  • Music: Megumi Oohashi
  • Music Production: Nippon Columbia

In the cast we have:

Tadaima, Okaeri (I’m Home, Welcome Back) began to be published in THE OMEGAVERSE PROJECT in 2016.

Tadaima, Okaeri Cover Volume 1

Synopsis for Tadaima, Okaeri (I’m Home, Welcome Back)

The manga’s story tells the daily lives of Masaki Fujiyoshi, a stay-at-home husband with no self-confidence, his elite salaryman husband, Hiromu, and their two-year-old son, Hikari. Together, they overcome the joys and sorrows of life and become more of a “family” every day.

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