Why are thigh highs so popular?

Why Are Thigh Highs So Popular? 1708819596 438 Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Some Are Hating Maomao

In a phenomenon that has been gaining ground in otaku culture circles, Anime fan netizens have been hotly debating the growing interest in female thighs.which now rivals the traditional veneration of breasts and butts.


One of the most notable points of view comes from a user who points out: “Anime thighs or any manga/light novel girl’s thighs have become a new type of fetish, especially for otakus. I honestly don’t know when it became popular and trendy. Anime girls with thick, curvy thighs are considered attractive and sexy. But this style of thighs only exists in anime and otakus love to praise and appreciate them, which has possibly led to a craze over it.“.

Another user offers a more psychological perspective, arguing: “I think the reason people like them is that they satisfy their sexual needs and fantasies. Not only do people like to see the bare skin on anime girls’ thighs, but they also seem to like anime girls who wear stockings that reach above the knee. In anime, anything like that can be done and there has always been a fetish about any part of the body. It just happens that for now it’s the thighs, especially those of anime girls“.

Furthermore, another comment highlights the aspect of comfort and physical pleasure: “Well, honestly, it’s all a matter of preference. I like women with curves. But I mean there are some really great uses for thick thighs. 1. Mobile pillows. 2. They are a gift from God. I mean, when you’re sad and you’re lying on your girlfriend’s thighs, that’s like heaven. 3. When they have that sexy wobble. 4. They’re just fucking amazing. Also, for people who don’t like their thighs or think they’re too big, they’re not. It’s a gift, don’t waste that gift. Again, it’s all a matter of preference, some have it, some don’t. All I know is I’d sacrifice my spleen for thighs“.

The concept of “Zettai Ryouiki” has also been mentioned in this context. It refers to the area of ​​exposed skin in the spaces between above-the-knee socks and a skirt or shorts. This concept, born in online otaku culture in 2001, has gained popularity with the general public as a fashion style since the late 2000s. Some speculate that this phenomenon has contributed to the rise in popularity of female thighs as a new taste for men, as the combination of Zettai Ryouiki and thick thighs may be especially appealing to certain anime fans.

Why Are Thigh Highs So Popular? 1708894512 496 Why Are Thigh Highs So Popular

As a last resort, The preference for female thighs in the otaku community remains a passionate topic of discussionfueled by a variety of factors ranging from aesthetic to psychological to cultural:

  • «It’s because of characters like Rikka from SSSS.GRIDMAN. This fueled a thigh fetish among anime fans and future designers to focus on this feminine aspect.».
  • «It probably relates to when big thighs started to be a generally more praised thing for women’s figures, especially on the internet. With anime because of the drawn and cartoon nature it is easy for character designers and animators to put in subtle details, or anime artists to make points like that more noticeable in certain types of drawings.».
  • «Legs have been a sexual thing for a long time, especially the exposed skin. Anime, being often a bit fanservicey and also often set in Japanese schools, usually features schoolgirls or other female figures wearing skirts. This can easily be paired with seductive thigh-high stockings, a combination that has long been considered potentially sexy. If we combine this with the fanservice nature of some anime mentioned above, we can easily arrive at a general appreciation of thighs. Especially since fanservice animes often also focus on panties, which also show the upper thigh that the skirt usually covers».
  • «Now a lot of people mention Rikka, but she is a more recent trend. Culture has this habit of fetishizing a part of the body for a time. For example, in the 80s it was legs (the whole leg, not just the thigh), in the late 80s and early 90s it was bellies and tummies, and now in modern times it is slim butts.».
  • «Weeb culture likes to take Japanese culture to the extreme, and Japan loves thighs. For example, the Japanese have a term for the exposed skin between thigh-high stockings and a miniskirt, known as Zettai Ryōiki. (translated as absolute territory)».
  • «The only strange thing nowadays is that there are men who don’t like good thighs.».
  • «I’ve always liked thighs, but I’ve never seen anyone talk about them. He thought it was something unique. But lately the Internet is full of “thicc”. I LOVED THEM BEFORE THEY WERE IN FASHION».

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