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Chained Soldier
Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is a sci-fi anime about an android girl who hunts down nine artificial humans on Mars. Watch her action-packed and dramatic mission.

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Chained Soldier
Original Title魔都精兵のスレイブ
Formats Streaming
Opening theme"Yume no Ito (夢の糸)" by Akari Kitou
Ending theme"CHA∞IN" by Maaya Uchida
Release DateJanuary 4, 2024
End DateMarch 21, 2024
FormatTV Series

Yuuki Wakura watches as dueling supernatural forces ravage the Earth. Mato are portals to another dimension, avenues from which dangerous monsters escape. Peaches are resources given to women granting them abilities. Chief of the Seventh Unity of the Anti-Demon Corp, Kyouka Uzen arrives to save Yuuki from a monster. Surprisingly, Yuuki holds the power to increase the Peaches effectiveness. But to save the world, Yuuki must be willing to become Kyouka’s servant both on the battlefield and at home.

(Source: HIDIVE)

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Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is a sci-fi anime that will premiere in January 2024. It is based on a manga series written by Takahiro and illustrated by Yohei Takemura. It tells the story of Rouge, an android girl who is sent to assassinate nine artificial humans called Immortal Nine, who are hiding on Mars. She is partnered with Naomi, a human hacker who helps her infiltrate the enemy base. Along the way, they discover the truth behind the Immortal Nine and their own origins.

The anime is a gripping and intriguing watch, with a lot of action and mystery. The main appeal of the show is the plot and the characters, as they face various challenges and enemies on Mars. Rouge is a cold and efficient killer who has no emotions or memories, but she slowly develops a sense of curiosity and empathy as she interacts with Naomi and the Immortal Nine. Naomi is a cheerful and optimistic girl who has a tragic past and a hidden motive, but she also grows to care for Rouge and the Immortal Nine. The Immortal Nine are all unique and complex, with different personalities and goals, but they also share a common bond and a desire for freedom.

The animation and music of the anime are excellent, with a high-quality production and a powerful soundtrack. The character designs are realistic and expressive, and the backgrounds are detailed and immersive. The voice acting is also superb, with the actors delivering their lines with emotion and nuance. The opening and ending songs are catchy and upbeat, and they fit the tone of the show.

The anime is not very original or complex, and it does not have a lot of comedy or romance. It is mostly a sci-fi thriller with some drama and suspense, and it focuses on the conflict and the resolution of the Immortal Nine and their pursuers. Some of the scenes and situations are violent and graphic, and some of the themes and messages are dark and controversial. The anime also does not explain much of the world or the technology, and it leaves some questions unanswered.

Overall, Chained Soldier is an exciting and impressive anime that offers a lot of thrill and emotion. It is a great adaptation of the manga and a remarkable work by Bones, a renowned studio known for its action scenes. It will please the fans of the genre and the original source. It is not a masterpiece or a must-watch, but it is a good option for those who like sci-fi anime with a bit of action and mystery. It is a show that explores the meaning and value of life and humanity in a futuristic and dystopian setting.