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Tales of Wedding Rings
Tales of Wedding Rings

Tales of Wedding Rings

Tales of Wedding Rings is a romantic fantasy manga and anime series by Maybe. Follow the ring king and his brides as they save the world from the dark lord.

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Tales of Wedding Rings
Original Title結婚指輪物語
Formats Streaming
Opening theme"Lover's Eye" by Sizuk
Ending theme"Kokoro no Naka (ココロノナカ)" by AliA
StatusNot Yet Released
Release DateJanuary 6, 2024
FormatTV Series

Satou and his best friend, Hime, have been together for as long as he can remember. So when she tells him she's going back to her home world to get married, his first thought is to follow her and crash her wedding. All goes according to plan, and with a kiss from Hime herself, Satou becomes the new groom! But unbeknownst to Satou, the man who marries Hime is destined to be a hero of immense power and save the world! Is Satou up for the challenge, or is this just too much responsibility for one high schooler to handle?!

(Source: Yen Press)

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Tales of Wedding Rings

Tales of Wedding Rings is a romantic fantasy manga series by Maybe, which has been adapted into an anime television series by Staple Entertainment in 2024. The story follows Satou, a young man who has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbor, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. However, before he can confess his feelings, Hime reveals that she is actually the princess of a parallel world and has to return to her homeland to marry a ring king, a chosen hero who can wield the power of the wedding rings to save the world from the dark lord. Satou decides to follow Hime and becomes the ring king himself, marrying not only Hime, but also four other princesses from different races and kingdoms, each with their own personality and abilities.

Tales of Wedding Rings is a captivating and entertaining series that blends comedy, romance, action, and adventure in a colorful and imaginative world. The manga has been serialized in Monthly Big Gangan since 2014 and has been published in 14 volumes as of 2023. The anime adaptation faithfully follows the manga’s plot and adds stunning animation, music, and voice acting to enhance the experience. The anime has 12 episodes and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

The series has many strengths, such as the likable and diverse cast of characters, the creative and detailed world-building, the thrilling and emotional plot twists, and the humorous and heartwarming interactions between the ring king and his brides. The series also explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, courage, sacrifice, and love in a meaningful and engaging way. The series is not without flaws, however, as some readers and viewers may find the harem genre clichéd and unrealistic, the fanservice excessive and distracting, and the pacing uneven and rushed at times. The series also leaves some questions unanswered and some plot threads unresolved, which may frustrate some fans who are looking for a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, Tales of Wedding Rings is a highly enjoyable and recommended series for fans of romantic fantasy and harem genres. The series offers a unique and refreshing take on the isekai trope and delivers a fun and exciting story with memorable and lovable characters. The series is suitable for mature audiences, as it contains some violence, nudity, and sexual content. The series is rated 8.5 out of 10 by and 4.5 out of 5 by Crunchyroll Manga. If you are looking for a series that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer, then Tales of Wedding Rings is the one for you.